Why Use GA Voiceovers?

We’ve been providing quality voice acting / voiceover services to National and International clients for over 5 years. Our clients include Telstra, Optus, American Express, The Australian Government, Merck, Baxter, ITC eLearning, regional radio stations, and a large number of international TV stations and production studios.

We pride ourselves on being great to work with and offering quality service with a smile. Giving you quality service, when you want it, in the format you require, and at flexible rates. With a unique dedication to getting the job delivered exactly how you need it – we are unique – and work with a long list of regulars globally.

All GA Voiceovers work is done in-house, yet if you need additional voices, our local talent pool can assist as required.

How quickly can you provide my project?

In addition to GA Voiceovers founder, Andy Curtis, we work with a range of male and female voice talent and can turn your job around quickly. Turn around times of just a few hours are not at all uncommon.

How do you provide Audio files?

We’re happy to work with you in whatever format you need!  From WAV files, MP3 files, AIFF files via our in-house media servers, through to traditional CD, or a Data file on DVD via mail.  Whatever format you need – Fast..

How is your studio equipped?

Quality audio requires a quality studio.  GA Voiceovers includes a full ProTools 9, Factory mixing solution, Neumann microphones, Waves Mercury processing, Avalon pre-amps, Truth monitors and AKG headphones.

Our royalty-free music library includes more than 25,000 tracks and a significant sound-effects library – ensuring your projects are completed creatively and completely in-house.

Can I cast the voice talent?

We are working on a new casting system (GadgetVoices) and will be offering our voice-bank for technology VO globally soon.. Stay tuned!

Can I direct the read?

Sure – We currently offer phone and Skype patches for Australia, USA and UK.

What will my job cost me?

At GA Voiceovers, we understand that every project is different – and every client’s needs vary. That’s why our rates are as flexible as our client’s projects.

Our rate cards are GUIDES ONLY and are geared towards union projects. Let us quote you on your specific project, the turn-around time, and production elements required. Let’s ensure you get the result you need at a budget that is mutually beneficial.

GA Voiceovers – Flexible, Quality Voice Acting Services – at a price you can afford.


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  • "Your voice makes this project work!"    
  • "The client was very VERY pleased with the end result - Thanks"    
  • "Great work, Andy"    
  • Andy is awesome to work with! Thank you for such a quality product, I look forward to working with you in the future.    
  • "The ad sounds great on the air - Thanks"    
  • "Highly professional, great variety and incredibly fast turnaround. Completely delighted I would highly recommend Andy Curtis to anyone looking for a top professional."    
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  • Andy was a complete pleasure to work with! He provided quick and professional voice work and I highly recommend his services!    
  • "Fantastic work"    
  • Really impressed by the result...    
  • Good news! It's a wrap :D My boss is really pleased and is now asking if you do can do our TV ads as well lol. Have a great day :) Karen