The Voiceover Store – a one stop shop for radio and online video production

London (PRWEB UK) 2 June 2011

The Voiceover Store is a brand new voiceover agency that aims to be a one stop shop for radio ad and online video production. By bringing together a unique combination of talent, including an award-winning copywriter, the agency can write, cast, direct and produce a radio ad for a fraction of the price it would cost with a bigger advertising agency.

The Voiceover Store is also offering a complete online video production service, which, again, will mean clients get the skill and marketing know-how of an agency copywriter without the hefty costs. At The Voiceover Store, projects can be brainstormed, scripted, storyboarded, filmed and edited with a specific voiceover artist in mind, ensuring the end result is slick and polished. Promotional films can be live action or animation, depending on the brief and the target audience.

Says Jude Schweppe, company director, ‘Each voiceover artist has been carefully selected not only for their talent, but equally for their professional ?can do? attitude and flexible approach. We want people to come back to us again and again because we’re fun and easy to work with and we never fail to deliver.’

Key words to describe The Voiceover Store include dynamic, fun, approachable, professional, friendly, down to earth and ?not a problem?.

The Voiceover Store is the brainchild of Jude Schweppe who is a trained actress and voiceover artist, and also an award-winning copywriter. Jude is joined on the team by voice coach Julia Montague-King , film director Lorcan Fox, animator Alex Dobbin, and head of motion design Dave Magnier.

For more information email jude(at)thevoiceoverstore(dot)co(dot)uk

The Voiceover Store

Penn Street Studios

23-28 Penn Street

London N1 5DL

Telephone: Jude on 07812 926410


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  • "Your voice makes this project work!"    
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  • Andy is awesome to work with! Thank you for such a quality product, I look forward to working with you in the future.    
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  • Andy was a complete pleasure to work with! He provided quick and professional voice work and I highly recommend his services!    
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  • Good news! It's a wrap :D My boss is really pleased and is now asking if you do can do our TV ads as well lol. Have a great day :) Karen